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By Alfred

While sailing through the treacherous waters of APIs, what you need is a trusting compass or at least a really good lighthouse nearby that can lead you to safety and the place where you want to be. 

What if we told you that the Trebllemaker team forged a magic item that simply needs to be in your treasure chest, and you can get it completely free, with no strings attached? Because that’s exactly what the team led by Vedran did, and without further ado, here is how API Insights helps.

Imagine API Insights as the lighthouse on your journey through the often misty and enigmatic realm of API development. This isn't just another tool in your chest; it's a guiding star, a source of enlightenment that cuts through the fog, leading you to the shores of excellence in API performance, security, and design.

API Insights Video Announcement

First Impressions

We've been showing off the product to many product managers and backend engineers working closely with APIs. The initial impression from everyone was very positive.

Our team showed it off on Web Summit 2023 as well, and people started downloading the app and using the web app almost instantly. We have hundreds of tests going through the system every day, and it seems like the tool itself is getting a life of its own.

All we want with this is to help everyone build better APIs, whether you are a developer just lurking the ropes or wanting to check yourself, or if you are a product manager who wants to have a way of controlling the quality and governance of the APIs in your team(s).

A Chest Brimming with Wondrous Features:

Simplicity is the Key:

API Insights is like a compass that always points to true north. With the simplicity of a seasoned sailor's intuition, it allows you to navigate the API seas effortlessly. Just like unearthing a straightforward, easy-to-decipher treasure map, API Insights enables you to input your API's details with ease. Whether you're charting new territories by pasting a URL or setting sail with a file upload, the journey is smooth and unencumbered by complex rituals.

No Secret Passcodes Needed:

Embark on this adventure without the need for signing in blood or pledging your allegiance. API Insights welcomes you aboard with open arms, no account creation required. It's like entering a pirate's cove without the need for a secret handshake. We value the sanctity of your privacy as much as you do – there's no need to trade your email address for the treasures of API analysis. It's a hassle-free embarkation on your journey to API mastery.

Messages in a Bottle – Privacy Ensured:

In the spirit of a true seafaring adventure, we treat your data like messages in a bottle, set adrift only to be claimed by the sea. After 30 days, these bottles sink into the ocean's depths, ensuring that your data remains as secure as a treasure locked away in Davy Jones' Locker. This commitment to privacy and security is like a pact with the sea – your data is safeguarded, kept away from prying eyes, and protected as if by the ocean's own code of honor.

API Insights is more than just a beacon; it's your trusted navigator, your astrolabe and sextant, guiding you through the complex constellations of API development. It offers a panoramic view of your API landscape, highlighting the peaks of performance and the valleys that need your attention. With API Insights, you're not just charting a course; you're embarking on a voyage of discovery, uncovering the secrets hidden within the depths of your API's code.


Embark on this magical journey with API Insights, your guiding star in the vast universe of API development. It's not just about reaching your destination; it's about enjoying the voyage, discovering the wonders along the way, and arriving at the shores of success with your API shining bright and true.

How does it work?

Embarking on the journey with API Insights is akin to setting sail on a grand voyage of discovery and improvement for your API. Here's a closer look at how this marvelous tool works its magic:

Instant Analysis: Your API's First Mate

Think of API Insights as the first mate on your API's ship, ready to provide immediate and insightful feedback. As soon as you enter your API specification URL or upload a file, API Insights jumps into action, much like a skilled sailor taking the helm in uncharted waters. It swiftly generates a comprehensive report, a treasure map of sorts, which reveals not just the overall health of your API (the total score) but also delves into the nuances of its design, performance, and security. These scores are like coordinates on a map, guiding you to the areas that need your attention the most.

A Closer Look at the Scores:

  • Design Score: This evaluates how well your API is structured. Is it a well-crafted ship, ready to withstand the rough seas of user demands and scalability?
  • Performance Score: Here, we assess the speed and efficiency of your API. It's like checking the wind in your sails – are you moving swiftly and smoothly?
  • Security Score: The most crucial of all, this score tells you how safe and secure your API is. It's akin to having a strong hull to protect against the stormy seas of cyber threats.

Detailed Breakdown: Navigating Through the Details

Once the initial analysis is complete, API Insights doesn't just leave you with a map and a pat on the back. It provides a detailed breakdown of various tests conducted, each offering valuable insights into potential improvements and the impact on your API. This is like having a seasoned sailor pointing out the hidden rocks and currents that could affect your journey. Each test result is a piece of advice, helping you fine-tune your API for better performance, design, and security.

The Test Categories:

  • Design Tests: These look at the architecture of your API, ensuring it's built for ease of use and understanding.
  • Performance Tests: Here, we measure response times and efficiency, ensuring your API is as swift as a clipper ship.
  • Security Tests: These are critical in ensuring your API is fortified against potential breaches and vulnerabilities.

Easy Sharing: Hoist Your Flag High

Once you have your detailed report, API Insights makes it easy to share your triumphs and findings. With simple sharing options, you can showcase the quality of your API to your team or stakeholders across various platforms like Slack and Twitter. It's like hoisting your flag high for all to see – a flag that says, "Here sails a well-crafted, swift, and secure API."

Introducing the Native Mac App 

Taking a step further, we've developed a native Mac app available on the Mac App Store. This app enhances the functionality of API Insights with features like: 

  • Hot Reloads: Make changes to your API spec file, and the app intelligently detects updates, prompting you to rerun tests for immediate feedback.
  • Real-Time Updates: As you develop and improve your API, receive live quality scoring and suggestions. 

Your Partner in API Development 

API Insights is more than just a tool; it's your partner in building and shipping high-quality APIs. We're excited to see how it will empower developers and organizations to achieve excellence in their API projects.

Ready to revolutionize your API development process?

Visit API Insights and start optimizing your API today!

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