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Treblle is a lightweight SDK that helps Engineering and DevOps teams build, ship & maintain REST based APIs faster. An All-in-one platform for the entire API lifecycle.

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By Treblle Staff
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As your API grows, it becomes more difficult to track and manage the entire lifecycle. There are so many steps involved in building and managing an API that it can be daunting. Treblle, from its conception, tackles every pain point you might have in your API lifecycle from development to management and monitoring.

We could throw at you various marketing-sounding words and hope that they will persuade you, but rather than us saying something like "every hero needs a sidekick" let's look at what Treblle 2.0 actually brings to the table and what you can expect.

Treblle 1.0 to 2.0 - the biggest changes

Treblle has been around for a year now. We've onboarded more than 13 thousand developers, and we are building a community around the platform. This is very important because it enables us to listen to suggestions, have meetings and receive feedback.

We've used all of that and worked hard for the past year to bring Treblle 2.0 to life. Our core features proved to be super useful to our users and what we did with v2.0 is expanding on what works and adding new features that complement existing ones.

As you may already know Treblle's core features are:

API monitoring - Real-time requests 😉

  • API monitoring designed for most people not just your DevOps friends
  • More seriously, this feature shows you all the requests on your API alongside metadata about HTTP methods, response codes, authentication and API performance

API analytics that means something to you 📊

  • You can finally see who your users are and where they’re coming from in real-time
  • This feature allows you to detect and prevent user-specific problems before they get out of control
  • You can quickly identify where and what your API is being used for

Treblle API Score - the new way to monitor your API 🔥

  • This is a unique one and it helps you and the team build better APIs
  • See how your API is performing compared to industry standards and best practices
  • Understand how you’re team is building APIs on a code and infrastructure level
Benchmark your API

Native desktop and mobile apps 📱

  • Get instant alerts on your phone when something goes wrong
  • Optimized and built natively for every platform with minimum CPU and RAM usage
  • Detects all errors in real-time, not just 500 and 404
  • Replay any previous request from any user with just 1 click even on mobile phones

New features with Treblle 2.0

There are a lot of new features that came with Treblle 2.0, we don’t have time to go through all of them but we’ll point out the most important ones.

Alongside adding new features Treblle has a completely new look. We have a new website to go along with it and yes, we also have docs! We have also refreshed how pricing works, so now you get 250K requests on our free forever plan. We wanted to make sure you have enough time and space to test out Treblle and see the value it can bring you.

So, what else is new?

👉 Customizable dashboards

A completely customizable API dashboard gives you and your team all the insights you might need. From graphs that show requests per day/month/week, to a list of top countries your users come from to your most popular endpoints. It's literally a drag-and-drop. Just click on what you like and it’s on your dashboard. No SQL queries, no complicated steps, no fuss…

👉 Data Galore

We know that the key to understanding anything on your API is having the correct data. That’s why we added a lot more data every step of the way. We now have over 40 data points that are easily readable and simple to understand.

Starting from projects where you now get a graph of all the requests in the past 7 days, number of problems, endpoints, requests per minute and more.

Moving down to the requests where you now see explanations of every response code and a list of common best practices for each of them. For single requests, we added even more context so now you can see all requests that happened before and after the current one or requests made by the same user.

👉 Flows

We added a completely new feature called flows that allows you to group API requests into various flows that help explain complicated business processes on your API. Just pick the requests you want, add them to a flow, explain what they do and share them with anyone.

👉 Developer focused

You called us over to the dark side so we came and ate all the cookies. One of the biggest features we wanted to see was :drumroll: dark mode. Now it’s here to save our eyes : ).

On top of that, we’ve built a new documentation portal that explains every feature of Treblle as well as every SDK integration. We'll let our DOCS do the talking.

👉 More control

You can now mute projects, and transfer the ownership of a project to someone else. You can add aliases to endpoints (which comes in handy to managers and other stakeholders that don't work with the API every day), exclude them from docs and control their endpoint groups. When sharing requests you can select when they expire or delete them if need be. All in all we’ve added fine-grain controls in every aspect of the platform.

👉 Windows app support

To complete our native app lineup we now fully support Windows devices with our native app. This means you can test APIs even while you’re working locally as well as access all the features of Treblle directly from your device.

What about Security

The Treble platform is built with security in mind. From a business standpoint, we made sure we are GDPR compliant and after going through a few months-long process we also got the ISO 27001 certificate.

From the integration point of view, we ensured that you have full control over the data you send to Treblle. Choose which data you mask on an SDK level, before it even leaves your server as well as choose how long we keep the data for inside of system.

Billions of API Requests AKA Enterprise Grade

Treblle was built with developer experience in mind. But if you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of API requests per day?

We got you covered! For big APIs like this, we secured special features like:

  • Private Server Lane
  • White Labeled Doc Portals
  • Custom SDKs
  • On-prem integration
  • Dedicated support level

We are happy to talk about anything else you might need if you generate this kind of API numbers. You can book a meeting and we can show you all the cool stuff we can do for you.

Enterprise Solution

Private Data Lane
Custom SDK
Drop-in Logs
On-prem Deployment
Dedicated Support

Book a Meeting

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Yeah, yeah, we promised we wouldn't go all "marketing" on you in the beginning. But if you made it here it just might mean Treblle has intrigued you a bit. Or has it?

In any case, the subtitle here isn't so far from the truth. There's something it doesn't tell you though. Heroes often have to fail first and take risks, go somewhere no one has ever gone before. They always find help on their hero journeys (we call those sidekicks).

We can be your sidekick that helps you worry less about this little beast called API.

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